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Xiamen software park in the third phase of jimei, will be in the "9.8" officially opened construction prelude. On August 17,, responsible for the third phase of software park of the construction of the information group and xiamen jimei new town construction headquarters, hair change, planning, land, information and other related departments, actively implementing the prophase planning, land expropriation demolition, attract/bid for/invite investments and construction matters.
The third phase of software park planning covers an area of 4.9 square kilometers, among which, usable 3.5 square kilometers, remove road and other supporting construction, the park covers an area of about 3.1 square kilometers, the second phase than current software park two times, the future park will hit to cause xiamen information industry new engine, is completed, it will is a new city. It is reported, software park three phase allow some enterprise independent construction, is expected to attract six or seven hundred enterprises
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