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Property Delivery Procedure


Marketing of R&D buildings
After obtaining the admission qualification (Notice of Admission Approval), the enterprise should go to the contract-signing center of the second phase of the Park, Xiamen Land Development Company. There the company can sign the R&D building sales contract with Xiamen Land Development Company, and transact property delivery, inhabitation and other relevant procedures, according to the inhabitation area and purchasing area and other material approved by the Administration Committee Office of the Park.    
Sales organization: contract-signing center of the second phase of the Software Park,, Xiamen Land Development Company
Contact person: Su Libin   Contact telephone No.: 5900683 13959295385  E-mail:soft2@xmlanddvpt.com
Contract signing and payment
After obtaining the property number, the enterprise should sign the R&D building Purchase Agreement, and make an advance payment of 40% of the property value within one month and submit the decoration plan of the house to Innovation Management Company for approval.
The enterprise will then sign the Sales Contract after the advance payment is made and the decoration program is approved by the Innovation Management Company.
The property value can be paid by installments or in one-off payment.  
The property shall be delivered after the purchased unit is ready for delivery and the purchase value is fully paid.
Payment by installments
The following three banks are recommended by the Administration Committee of the Park for installment plan. The recommended banks undertake to implement one-time notification service.
1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: Lin Zaiming
5158355, 13806004601
2. Agricultural Bank of China: Zhang Changfu
5578632, 13806081986
3. People’s Construction Bank of China: Liu Shunli
2156089, 13860439160
If the enterprise wants to make payment by installments for the purchased property, it should sign the Tripartite Agreement which mainly describes mortgage of the purchased R&D building with the relevant bank and the Land Development Company.
Delivery and inhabitation
Xiamen City Land Development Company will issue delivery notice when the purchased unit is ready for delivery and the property value is fully paid.
The enterprise receives the property from the Property Management Company.
The enterprise signs the decoration agreement with the property management company and starts the decoration. 
The decoration should be examined by the property management company and Innovation Company. After that, the enterprise can enter the Park officially.
   1. Property receiving procedure should be conducted within one month after the enterprise receives the delivery notice.
   2. The company should complete the decoration work and enter the Park within three months after the delivery.
Transaction of property right certificate
When the unit the company purchased satisfies the requirements for transacting individual household property right, the contract -signing center should inform the enterprise in written form. 
Enterprises that make payment in one time should transact the property certificates by themselves.
For those enterprises who make payment by installments, the contract-singing center should assist the enterprises to transact property right certificate. After the transaction of the property right certificate is settled, the contract-signing center should transfer the certificate to the mortgagee bank. The mortgagee bank together with the enterprises should go to the house property registration office to transact the mortgage registration procedure.
The main charges for the transaction of individual household property certificate:
   1. Deed tax: 3% of the total value of the property;
   2. House registration fee: 150 -2500 Yuan, calculated according to the area of the house property.
   3. Registration fee for land use right: 0.25-1 Yuan per square meter, calculated according to the area of the house property.
1. The property right certificate should be transacted in the name of the buyer clearly designated in the Sales Contract.
2. The R&D buildings sold by the Software Park are all special commodity housing, for self-use. Therefore, transferring and self-transferring of the houses are different from common commodity housing, and that requires approval from the Administration Commission of the Park. The transferees of these buildings should be qualified for admission to the park and be examined and approved by the Administration Commission Office of the Park. They should also pay the land-use fees regulated by the competent land and housing property administration department.
3. There are canteens on the first floors of No. 16, 32 and 50 of Guanri Road as well as of No. 2, 25, 41, 57 and 63 of Wanghai Road in the Park area.
lease of the R&D buildings
Qualification of the lessee enterprises of the R&D buildings should be examined by the departments in charge of the business invitation. As to the admission criterion, the requirements for enterprises applying for purchasing house property can be referred to.
The R&D buildings provided for lease in the Park area are as below:
No. 55 Wanghai Road
.Contact Institution: the enterprise service center of Xiamen Chuangxin Software Park Management Company
Contact person: Lu Liqi, 2950000, 13606938502
No. 40 Guanri Road
Contact Institution: Kaiyuan District State-owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd.
Contact person: Su Yiyv  2964878, 8859473
No. 65 Wanghai Road
Contact Institution: Huli District State-owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd.
Contact person: Pan Yuanling, 5521630, 13959282782
No.22 Guanri Road
Contact Institution: Software Industry Development & Investment Co., Ltd.
Contact person: Du Juanjuan, 3929716, 13860165935
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