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General planning


Planning indicators
(1)  General view of land use balance
  Total land use: 102.83 hectares
  Net land use: 97.34 hectares, 100%
  among which,
  Public service area: 6.0 hectares, 6.2%
  Living area: 6.89 hectares, 7.1%
  R&D and production area: 6.89 hectares, 63.0%
  Road area: 6.13 hectares, 6.3%
  Public green land: 15 hectares, 15.4%
  Municipal engineering: 2 hectares, 2.0%
  Urban roads and isolation strips: 5.49 hectares
(2)  General view of technology and economic indicators
  Planned land use: 97.34 hectares
  Total construction area: 1,454,700 square meters
   Ground construction areas: 1,242,100 square meters
  among which,
  R&D buildings: 947,400square meters, 76.3%
   administration and service buildings: 65,700 square meters, 5.3%
  hotel-style-serviced apartments: 229,000 square meters, 18.4%
   Underground construction area:212,700 square meters
   Site coverage: 20.6%
  Plot ratio: 1.28
   Greening rate: 55%
   Parking spaces: 6789 (5130 of which are underground
  Population of R&D personnel: 45,000 , 22 square meters/ person
   Population in the bachelor apartments: 11,500 (25% of the total population).
 An Introduction to the Second Phase
The second phase of Xiamen Software Park is located at the northeastern area of Xiamen Island, with Huzaishan Forest Park lying in the North, and Hubian Reservoir  Water Reservation Zone in the West. To its east are Olympic Tennis Center (still under construction), Xiangshan International Yacht Club Dock and International Conference Center. The construction site has a high topography, with favorable and pleasant environment. Hubian Reservoir can be seen on the west while International Conference & Exhibition Center, Little Jinmen Island and Jinmen-Xiamen sea area is visible on the east.
The total planned land use for the park area is 1.028 square kilometers and the total construction area is 1,454,700 square meters. Among them, the ground construction area is 1,242,100 square meters and the underground construction area is 212,700 square meters. The plot ratio is designed to be 1.28, site coverage 20.6% and greening rate 55%. The number of parking spaces is 6,789 (with 1,659 on the ground and 3,130 underground).
Buildings within the park area mainly include software R&D buildings (The planned total construction area is 947,400 square meters.), administration and service buildings (The planned total construction area is 65,700 square meters.) and hotel-style-serviced apartments (The planned total construction area is 229,000 square meters.). Technical service facilities such as the network technical platform and software testing platform needed by software R&D enterprises are also designed to be constructed within the park area.
The spatial layout of the park area is in picturesque disorder. On both western and eastern sides are high-rise hotel-style-serviced apartments. In the middle are low-rise and multi-layered buildings, which function as software R&D buildings and public service facilities (including comprehensive administration, business supporting, technical services, living services and property management services, etc.). On the southern side are mainly multi-layered buildings and some high-rise buildings, which function as R&D complex and other living facilities.
The project was initiated on July 23rd,2005 and the overall construction work started on September 6th, 2005. R&D buildings were completed in the startup area at the end of 2005, and the overall construction work was completed at the end of 2006.
The second phase of Xiamen Software Park will provide software R&D enterprises with a broad room for business development and technical exchange.It has attracted much attention and great interests from software R&D enterprises throughout the world.  
We warmly welcome software R&D enterprises from all over the world to come to invest and settle in the second phase of XiamenSoftware Park.
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