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The second phase is located in the North Qianpu District of Xiamen City, several hundred meters away from Xiamen InternationalConference & Exhibition Center. It has an advantageous geographical location as it is surrounded by a hill (Huzishan Hill), towns (Lingdou Residential District, North Qianpu District and the International Conference & Exhibition Center), a lake (Hubian Reservoir) and the sea (coast of the East Sea). The traffic here is also convenient, with several main roads running around, such as the Ring Road, Lianqian Boulevard and Lvling Road. It is less than 15 minutes’ drive away from the airport, Jinshang Economic Zone and the future eastern passage.






Location Advantages
It has pleasant environment, with predominant scenery conditions as it is close to the hill, lake and sea.
It is located in the East of Xiamen with Huzishan Forest Park lying in the North and Hubian Reservoir Water Reservation Zone in the West. The natural environment is excellent. In addition, as the base is located at a comparably high topography, it has a good vision for the sea, where we can overlook the Conference & Exhibition Center and the Little Jinmen Island. The scenery is also excellent.   
The traffic is convenient, with some main roads, the Airport, ports and other major traffic facilities available.
The base is 1.5km away from International Conference & Exhibition Center of Xiamen, 10km away from Dongdu Port of Xiamen and7.5km away from Gaoqi International Airport. In addition, the base is surrounded by urban main roads on the eastern, southern and western sides, i.e. read line 56-meter-wide Lvling Road in the south, planned 40-meter-wide Wushi Road in the east and 50-meter-wideRound Huli Boulevard in the west.


It has good city support and can share the public facility resources of the city.
To its east are International Conference & Exhibition Center, the International Tennis Center, the International Yacht Dock and the Ring Road, and can therefore share the tourism, conference, leisure and sports facilities. In the South, it is close to the Qianpu living area which has perfect living facilities.
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